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Why We Should All Care About Our Workspace

Nowadays, our colleagues=our tribe.

Imagine how the human society worked many many moons ago. We lived in smaller communities where we depended on each other, we had our roles established and followed them. If you had fallen out with your tribe, you would have probably died soon after.

People are still social creatures, even though some introverts might argue. We need to belong somewhere, need to have a role and feel supported.

And that is why we should find all of this in our worplace. It makes sense, we often spend more time working than being with our families and friends!

What does it feel like when you work in an environment that does not support you in all this?

You feel burnt out.

You have to persuade yourself everyday to get up.

You are checking the clock all the time to see when you can leave.

You don`t care about your job or colleagues.

Eventually, you will leave and look for a different tribe.

So, what to do if you want to avoid all of the 'syptoms' above?

Create opportunities to spark friendships among co-workers.

Ask for help and ask others if they need any help.

Appreciate and praise others for their work.

Get to know your colleagues, be interested in them.

Create opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge.

Respect each other.

Obviously, not everything is fluffy and filled with rainbows and flying rhinos all the time. But consider doing these to feel better and make others feel better.

We cannot just work almost all our lives feeling like we don`t belong and noone cares about us, no?

Let me know your opinion on this, do you feel supported at work or you would rather leave?

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