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Dark Secrets of Turin

Do you know how many entrances to hell are in Turin?

What places might bring you goosebumps?

Why is Turin part of magical triangles?

Now with the Part 2 as well!

Treasure Hunt With Ciphers, Riddles and Codes

Turin City, 17:00

For teams with 2 - 6 members

Snacks and prizes included

Duration cca 2 hours

2. Solve the riddle, where the hunt begins (will come through email) and come before 17:00. Bring all the equipment and fresh mind!

3.  Get through 7 secret spots by resolving codes and riddles and play for three fastest prizes. The best team costume will be rewarded as well!

1. Apply for the entrance and register with the exact number of team members (can be changed later) and payment.

The Whole Processss

Turin at Night

 Price for just 49€/team

-Available in English and Italian

-Snacks and prizes included

-Great way to learn about Torino

-Different kind of fun

-Support all the way


No green pass needed.

Part 2 is ready now! 

If you already finished "Dark Secrets of Turin" and long for more, join us on the next hunt!

(If you haven't done Part 1, no problem here:))

8 new spots, new secrets and new challenges.

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Ask your questions
or let us know if you want to organise this event privately

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