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Teambuildings and trainings for innovative organisations 

For organisations: Welcome

Work market is changing

More and more employees are drawn to jobs

which offer them the opportunity to grow and learn.

Going to work every day from 9 to 5 without any motivation and

possibility to move up

is one of the most regular reasons to quit a job. 

Offer your organisation an experience they will not forget.

Stop with boring training that noone will remember.

Get to know each other to work better.

 Use my approach to teach skills and knowledge.

And let's laugh, that's important too!  Hihihi


~Online teambuilding is a thing now~

Don't be afraid to try new things...

...You can get to know your team mates even in the digital world

 It is affordable, not time-consuming and FUN...

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Let's do it !

Find out what your company/ teams need and let's plan your event!

We can meet in person or online to talk about your and mine ideas.

Free of charge or any obligations.

During the meeting I will ask you questions like:
Where do you want to organize your event? 
When do you want to have it?
What do you want to achieve?
Is there anything you need to teach your team?
Do you just want to have fun?
What is your budget?

Do you like the coffee you're drinking?


"I have known Lucie for many years and she always amazes me at what she can do. I cannot think of a better person to tackle this mission. Her events are always full of fun, laughter and people bringing their best out on the surface. I would recommend her 110%."

"For me Lucie was the reason why I got engaged in such activities. She is inspiring, energetic and always happy to help. 
I had a chance to participate in many events organized by her, all of them were faultlessly organized and very entertaining."


"I always look forward to working with Lucie. She is one of the friendliest, funniest and most creative people I've ever met and I cherish every possibility to work with her."

Tomáš Kocur
The president of Universities` Senate
Martin Demel
Events participant
Ema Žurovcová

Need any of these?

analytical skills 

personal branding

higher productivity




knowledge for your field

public speaking

presentation making

ideas brainstorming

creativity awakening

technological competence


better communication

organisational skills

working under stress

decision making


girls just wanna have fun
and much more

Camping in Mountains

Choose some of these ideas:

ï will fit your budget for your education or teambuilding event

Activities in your company

Treasure hunt in your city

Weekend spent outside

Mission to help

Games in the countryside

Painting sessions

Survival trip

Theatre and drama expressions

Online funning

Retreat in the mountains or by the sea

Adrenaline exploring


Notebook and Pen


Thanks for submitting!

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