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Online teambuildings

For digital companies spread around the world or those who respect smart-working


Organised by Lucie Tongelová,
Founder & CEO at Funtains

Lucie organises team building and entertaining activities for many many fulfilling years. 

Now she found out she does not have to leave the room to organise a fun team building, so let's hope she won't gain 20 kilos!


I will tell you why: 

1. You don't need to run around forrest or the city like a crazy person

2. It is easy to use because I am NO magician with technologies

3. Some people really don't like touching, so this is perfect

4. You will have the opportunity to show your face without make-up or with a three-day old beard

5. You will create something together but won't have to look at your masterpiece everyday at work

6. It can be really fun, believe me

During the team building you can experience:

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