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The Birth of I-GAMES: How to have fun during the never-ending pandemic

We all know what is happening. The piccolo virus left a trace not only in our lungs but also in the way we socialize and especially feel among other people.

I think I am not the only one feeling bad when many people surround me, even when they are not coughing. You just want to escape or get somewhere with more air, as if we could run out of the air outside (well, never say never).

So, this is how I thought of I-GAMES: How could you stay outside, feeling safe and enjoying yourself? Not having to worry about mascherine or others bumbing into you?

So, this is how.

"I" stands for me (or io) because these games are about ME and I can be the only person playing them, being introvertish or just want to hang out by myself. Or I can allow others join me in this experience, that is completely fine as well.

Either way, the choice is yours.

No need to meet new people, to exchange hellish small talk or trying to remember someone's name. I know, sounds like I am saying we became loners, afraid of warm human touch, but I honestly believe noone likes small talk.

Anyway, here is how they work: You buy the experience (although I would love to hand them for free, I still need to make a living) and receive a short and cute manual with the first GPS coordinates to find the start of the journey. There you will find a corresponding QR code and once you scan it, you will have to either complete a task, decide what to do next or answer a question. Then you will see where to go next, what are the next GPS coordinates.

And so on and so forth. Easy, no?

So as you can see, you can do it anytime (although I would not recommend doing it at night, the codes are hard to scan then) and with anywhom.

Yesss, so here we are!

Let me know if you have questions, I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas of what could go wrong. :)

Have a nice day fellow human!

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