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Your Education Does NOT Finish With Graduation

Oh yes, many of us studied for many years with all the unpleasant parts of it: Memorising, thesis or papers writing and learning something stupid and uninteresting.

That's why we sometimes feel learning something new is not the best thing in the world.

But imagine that after finishing your formal education, you could study anything you want,

with any tools you want or any way you want!

And that is 100% possible nowadays.

There are sooooo many courses, online or offline, in lots of interesting fields that might bring new joy in your life!

And when you find your new passion, learning can become so much fun, with all the possibilities we have today.

Interested in portrait drawing? Sure, here is an online course for free to teach you at your own pace.

Interested in stepping up with your career? Here is a workshop on leadership you can take any time.

Interested in musical theory? Just watch these youtube videos and learn anything that lightens your eyes.

See? Learning and studying does not have to be boring or obligatory.

But the point is to NEVER stop learning.

Because we do not want to stay the same person all our life, right?

Just look up the topic that interests you and I am sure you will find what you're looking for. Only 15 minutes per day can be really life-changing!

Someone famous once said: 'Learn and grow so much that your friends won't recognise you next time they see you.' This might seem a bit extreme, but the main thing is to always try to be a better person who grows on a regular basis.

So, right now I am doing a course on project management (by Google and completely for free) and a course of Italian language. I am learning slowly but steadily and get new skills all the time :)

Anyway, here is my workshop on Personal Branding in Turin, so if it interests you, be my guest!

What do YOU want to learn, what interests you?

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