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Where: Park Valentino

When: Your choice

How long: 30 minutes-2 hours

Stops: Your choice


Duy is a 12-year-old boy from Vietnam who wishes to see his parents that had to stay in the city where they work and cannot visit him. Duy sets off for an adventurous journey full of obstacles, traffic and unknown cities. 

Can you help him navigate through this journey and decide what he should do next?

This experience is for kids who wish to explore the possibilities of this adventure. You will get a starting point, where you scan a QR code that will give you Duy's story and a (usually) a decision to be made. Once you decide what to do, copy the GPS coordinates of that decision and find another piece of the road. 

Will you succeed in guarding Duy to see his parents?

Take your parents or friends and have a nice time in the park! 

Story of Duy (For Kids)

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