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What Are the Not-So-Visible Perks of Team Buildings?

Yes, yes, we all know that by partecipating in team building activities you get to improve your communication skills and cooperate better.

Let`s dig deeper, though. These might be some of the advantages you have not thought of before:

1. Future Leaders

Seeing people function together might reveal who is naturally in charge and enjoys responsibilities. Who your employees follow and who can make them feel appreciated. This can show you potential candidates for managing roles. Just keep it in your head and next time you promote someone, recall the people who stood out.

2. Personal Revelations

While talking about many stuff after a great day of activities, your colleagues will open more freely and let you see their life outside of work. It is always great to find out more about the people with whom you actually spend more time than your family, so this could help you see all the connections behind their actions.

3. Spontaneous Brainstorming

Workplaces can sometimes limit your potential due to huge workloads and heavier atmosphere. New ideas need more brain space and safety to be heard. During team buildings your collegues can get together and pop up new improvements and processes, as they do not need to constantly think of their duties. You can even reserve a space in your event to address present issues and solve them together, on purpose with the goal on your minds.

4. Employees Happiness

Informal atmosphere can trigger your colleagues hidden dissatisfactions. They express more openly what they don`t approve of their jobs or company and you can address their complaints immediately.

5. Soulmate Search

Many researches prove that friendships at work improve productivity and engagement. It is not always easy to find the right person with whom you could share your joys and fears. If you connect people from different departments, new friendships might come out. This could even bring up new colaboration opportunities and ideas to improve operations and cooperation.

6. Creativity Increase

Lots of team building activities can enlarge your team`s creativity capabilities. They can see what can be achieved and realised without much work, but with bright new approaches. Just try out new ways to unlock creativity potential and see what problems can be resolved in an unconventional way.

These are just couple of hidden advantages of teambuildings. I am sure you could find more, if you dug deeper with me.

So, considering all we said, are you still hesitating if teambuildings are good idea?

Let me know what you think we can add to the list!

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