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Where Can You Organise your Next Team Building?

Before getting into the location of your next sweet spot, just answer this simple question:

WHAT do you want to get out of this?

-to get out of the office

-to spend some time together

-to learn or try something new

-to create better relationships

-to get pictures for your brand page (If you do it just for this, then don't do it at all please)

-or is it all of the above?

Because WHY determines WHERE. And how, but we can talk about that later.

Or you can just see my website to get there straight away. HERE.

So here is a list of the places you can use to achieve your wish:

🦖Find the nearest park and organise some games in there. Low budget, fresh air and lots of green. Worth it!

🥘Have a party in a restaurant/bar in the city. It is not that difficult to find a place to accommodate you and maybe you could even do some degustation or cake making. And like we know, food and drinks are great things!

🏞️Now this will be a bit more expensive, but your coworkers will be super happy and will probably post about it on their social media. Rent a cabin in the woods, hotel near the sea or some retreat resort. There is nothing better than getting out of the civilisation for a weekend and surround yourself with people who also hate small talk!

🏢Just reserve a timeslot in your week for a half-day or 2 hours full of games and activities in your office! You don't need to rent anything and your colleagues can explore all the secrets the office has to offer. But some of them might not be nice to reveal, who knows.

💪Organise a survival trip for the toughest (which I am sure everyone in your office is). Get out to the nature and plan some tasks to accomplish or just order people to simply make their way to a certain spot. It you want to make it more challenging, prepare a series of obstacles that will make your team work their brain and muscles. There might be a risk though that someone does not make it and will eventually leave the company. The line is super thin here...

🖼️Visit a (local) museum, sight, experience or factory! This might not be as interesting to certain people, but you will still learn something new and hopefully exciting. It would be perfect if it had something to do with your company as well.

👱‍♀️Hire a team building person to do everything for you. See if there are any soft or hard skills your team wants to acquire and put it into your conditions. The person will then plan activities to practice these skills, so apart from creating closer ties within your team, you can also strenghten in different areas. And yes, I can help you with that.

🎨Find a local artist and organise a creative workshop, where you can unleash your creative superpower and show what you got. And if you are not really creative, you can still support or mock other people trying their best.

Well, here are some ideas that you can use, although I am sure we could still think of others!

Like I said, align your team building WHY with WHERE and then all there is left is how (and maybe for how much).

I just ask you, do it more than once a year please. Even a short period of time together can make wonders!

So let me know if you have a prefered format for your team building activity and what will you do next :)

Have a lovely day lovely people.

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