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Committed to kids needs and differences, Lucie has been organising summer camps for 11 years. Her camps are always full after registration opening and children are coming back every year to see their summer families after one year.

Year 2021 is special, the future is uncertain. All the summer camps are therefore planned as thoroughly as possible, to avoid any issues and health safety.This year, the camps will be held only during the day, after the program children go back home and their families can enjoy them in the evening.
The camp is held in Turin and its surroundings, see my offer and get the best summer experience for your kid! 

Smiling Asian boy

The Story of Duy

A lovely game in the park without crowds


The Adventure to Save Amelia the Panda

For adventurous kids that are not afraid of dangers

Reduced prices for March

Up to 40%

General info

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

The camp is in English, either Italian kids eager to improve their level of English or foreign nationalities kids are welcome to join us.

Parents can participate in our activities as well during the weekends, to spend time together and make new friends. 

The camps starts at 9 in the morning and finishes at 6 in the evening. If parents need to leave the child with us longer, we can arrange it. 

Safe transport service will be provided to gather children to the meeting point for additional cost. 

The minimum number of participants for the camp is 20. 

What is included in the price:

Lunch + two snacks

A gift for every participant

Equipment for games and activities


Lovable and friendly teamleaders

Prizes for competitions

Moments to remember for years

What is not included in the price:

Meals for parents (40/65€)

Additional transport service (15€)


I met Lucka at the camp, where she was the leader of our team. We were having a lot of fun, she took good care of us and always helped us with everything.  Now I know her as a great camp manager, for whom satisfied leaders and children come first.  I always enjoy the camps and I look forward to every other opportunity to work by her side.

Denisa Pochylá

We are preparing summer camps for 2022,
stay informed

Why us?

Here you go:

  1. We are responsible and smart

  2. We know what we are doing

  3. Joy and fun of the kids are the motor behind this adventure

  4. The children will improve English AND learn something more

  5. We are empathic and understand peoples' differences

  6. We are emphasizing ecology and sustainability

  7. We are not afraid to make fools of ourselves

  8. Hihihi

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I or my parents don´t speak English very well?

If you want to improve, I applaud you because that is a great step. Of course, everyone´s level can be different but we are ready for that!We know how to explain things in simple English and if necessary, we can communicate in Italian. 

Where will the children meet every day ?

Participants will get this information as soon as we can give it. Plans can change, but we will stay in touch with you at all times. 

What if I get sick or injured before the camp and cannot join you?

The best option would be to find someone to come instead of you. If you do not succeed, we can give you up to 70% of the price back if you tell us at least a week before the camp begins. 

What if my parents want to join but can come only for a while and not the whole weekend?

That is not a problem, just let us know and we will figure everything out. 

What precautions will you take because of Covid-19? 

We are watching the situation closely. At this moment all the children (and parents joining us) will need to take a rapid test before the camp begins and will be asked to stay cautious during the whole time.

Thanks for submitting!

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