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Fun and educational events for the folk of Pinerolo

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My introduction


The name is Lucie and the story is simple.

I grew up in Czechia, studied Chinese, met amazing people, shared knowledge over hot cups of coffee and spicy rice.

Moved to Italy and had to overcome the initial shocks and bureaucratic danger.

Currently, I work in marketing but never forgot how important it is to help people have fun and learn at the same time. 

Why do people stop playing?

Why do they pretend to be serious all the time? 

After spending 10 years in summer camps and people leading, I discovered that people need to get out of the stereotype, routine and endless email or WhatsApp chains.

Don't worry, I will be your Gandalf (although much younger) on your adventure to bring joy in your life, work and learning!

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My service to you

Based in Pinerolo, in the lovely mountainy region of Piemonte of Italy

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The president of Universities' senate

Events for our future leaders and dreamers

Kids and their older versions

Summer camps, courses for schools, enhanced learning through games and releasing creativity and logic to meet the world challenges.

Adult growing and glowing

Workplaces and individuals which want to move up

Rediscover the inner child and learn and have fun through games, role plays and challenges to enrich your skillset and knowledge base.

Online teambuilding with chair leaving

Teams that bond over unexpected adventures

Times are tough and teams are separated. My online events will bring you closer and bring joy to the routine.

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I have known Lucie for many years and she always amazes me at what she can do. I cannot think of a better person to tackle this mission. Her events are always full of fun, laughter and people bringing their best out on the surface. I would recommend her 110%.

Tomáš Kocur

The president of Universities' senate


My manifesto

  1. We can fight grayness with joy


  2.  We should learn throughout all life


  3. Learning by doing is the best practice


  4. Nothing and noone is perfect and that is completely fine


  5. Ecology and sustainability are highly important to stay living our lives


  6. We should not stop trying


  7. Experiences must leave strong inprint


  8. Everyone is special and has to be treated differently


  9. Humour is a great fuel


  10. Respect others but also yourself


Let's talk!

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