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The Aims and Aches of Teambuildings with Value

Surely we all LOVE having fun. There is no need to talk about it anymore, so I will stop right here.

Teambuilding activities are a great way how to have fun with your collegues, get together and learn more about each other. This way, you have a feeling of belonging in the group, are more secure and free to express your attitudes and opinions. At least, in the best possible scenario.

Nowadays, there are many ways how to enjoy time together: Cooking classes, wine degustations, hiking in the mountains, get drunk on a beach or just hanging out in a restaurant. And I am sure they might all be full of emotions, warm feelings and dramatic situations.

The problem is that while having fun is amazing, it does not always bring step forward and up. This crazy world is changing so rapidly, sometimes we have no idea how to catch up and if it is even possible. And what is the correlation between the first and second sentence in this paragraph?

Let`s tie these two facts together and see the solution together.

How do I keep in track with all the news, with all the knowledge, how do I train my employees to stay ahead in my sector?

AND, how do I make it fun for them? (Because we established, fun is what we LOVE)

Yes, that`s right, you smart person. Let`s connect these two concepts and create something, that will be BOTH useful and enjoyable.

And that is what Funtains is here for. (Sorry for this small self-promoting parenthesis)

I believe the aim of teambuildings should shift, from wine degustations to valuable events full of feelings, knowledge sharings and growing together.

So, what would be your aim for a teambuilding with value?

New marketing ideas? Better communication? Sales pitch improvisations? Bussiness presentation?

And what about the aches in the title of this article, do you think there are some of them in this area?

I think it will not be an easy road to change the way of thinking of CEOs and HR managers who decide what to plan for a teambuilding.

While understanding the importance of having cheerful times together without any obligations, we should start questioning the old ways and see how we can link fun and training, so we can achieve more and sustain ourselves.

But again, this is just my view and I understand you do not see it this way.

Let me know what you think and if you agree/disagree :)

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