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The Importance of (Hopefully) Post-Covid Teambuildings

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Many companies decided to let their employees stay at home during the pandemic. Apparently, lots of these workers find this new establishment of home office plausible and do not wish to come back to daily office visits.

I mean, it is understandable, right? You do not need to spend money on gas, worry about your toilet sessions or small talk with collegues you do not particularly like.

Adaptive organisations already reacted to this shift of atmosphere and decided to fulfill their workers wish to have a hybrid style of working, partly from home and partly from office.

Well done, to those who listen to their employees wishes!

BUT: What about your peoples` engagement, productivity, knowledge of important matters and personal relationships?

What changed during the pandemics?

Do your employees still understand company`s vision and goals?

Do they cooperate well and listen to each other with smile and comprehension?

If you are not sure of answers to those questions, you should be looking for solutions.

We need regular teambuildings with value, to show the employees we care and want to get to know them and listen to them. People got separated, some of them became lonely, some of them found their callings.

It is up to you to find it out and explore the human potential hidden in your workers.

Because ALL the bussiness is people bussiness. (A piece of wisdom for the end :) )

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