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The story of Funtains

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

"Welcome, adventurer!"

This was one of the possible headlines for this new website. But you know what they say: write it, come back to it and see what you want to keep and what needs to be put to sleep. But I still feel like I should say it somewhere, so adventurer, welcome!

After weeks and months of chewing the idea to start my own adventure in a land that smells of coffee and bakery shops, I decided I ran out of excuses. Thank you, my LinkedIN connections, for claiming these excuses are excuses and not perfectly reasonable reasons.

So here I am, after couple of weeks of bus rides with laptop on my knees and isolated lunch breaks in fields outside my previous company, to create a site I could be proud of.

With moving to Italy, I had one certainty and that was my boyfriend. The rest was in the open, full of expectations and hopes to find a job in the middle of pandemic. After finally founding it, I was grateful I could work and sustain myself like a big girl I am now.

The problem is, I cannot differentiate between work and free time. I want my job to feel like it is my free time and that it has a purpose, a meaning, all those elevated words. And this can be dangerous, especially when your parents have worked in the same positions for many years and still endure its hardships with smile and hope for the weekend. You feel you shoud not complain, be happy with the things you have and go on living after work hours and on holidays.

See, there is some of the reasonable reasons I talked about.

Looking for my passion, like so many do nowadays, I asked myself what is the thing I look forward to the most, the thing that fills my eyes with mirror reflections and throat with never-ending gargling noises.

And I successfully found it hidden in deep pockets and dusted with snow.

People need evolving, understanding their limits and pushing them further, never stoping. The endorphines after suprising themselves by doing something they could never imagine, like jumping higher, smiling wider, clapping louder.

And me by their side, nodding in approval, corners of my mouth raised to the highest altitudes.

I wish to see you jump higher, think slower, be pride of yourself and continue doing so.

So let me plan and organise your learning process with games and challenges that will keep you warm.

I am here and waiting for you to step in and do the leap I am also taking now by writing this. Let`s leap together!

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